Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How proud my youngest son is...

I know you've heard me talk about my two boys. This time I'm going to tell you about what happened to my youngest son tonight. For starters, he's only 7 years old and he got to play a real baseball game with an 11-12 year old team. They were missing a player and had to have someone fill in. They asked Marcus before they found another one to play that was actually old enough and since they had already asked him, they let him play. He got to bat and play right field. I know it's one of the places they put the worst players, but since he's so much younger than the other boys, it's only fair they make him play that position. I wish you could have seen him. He's so proud of himself. He got walked to first then stole all the way home. Here's a picture of him on third. Of course, I'm very proud of him as well. He tries so hard and loves the game so much, you can tell when you watch him play. He's also hind catcher on his team, and doing pretty good for his first year playing that position. And no it's not just a proud mom talking, I've had other people tell me that. lol Here he is in his uniform and here is a picture of Devin, just to be fair.

I realize I'm talking a lot about Marcus, but it's not often that a 7 year old gets to play with boys that much older than him, but don't think that I'm not proud of Devin as well. They are both good boys and both good players. I'm very proud of both of my children.

I hope you have a great day and God bless.

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