Monday, May 12, 2008

Please know this is a scam!!!!

I recieved a letter Saturday stating that a mystery shopping company wanted me to work for them. Now you have to understand, I thought this was a great thing for a few minutes. I've been looking for work like this for a while. Something I can do from home or while on my usual shopping trips. Just something to bring in a little extra cash. Along with the letter was a cashier's check for $4985.00, of which I only get to keep $350 as pay for my time. Now, first off, I know of no company that is going to send out that kind of check to anyone they have not talked to before hand. How do they know that I won't just keep all of the money for myself? They don't know my character, they have no idea if I'm an honest person or not.

After I got over the initial shock of having a check for that amount in my hands, I started noticing a few things that were wrong.
1. The postmark is out of Canada.
2. The company off is listed as being in Delaware.
3. The bank the check is from is in Missouri.
4. The signatures are photocopies.
5. My address on the envelope was hand written.

Once I got inside I decided to do some checking. There is no company by that name that does mystery shopping. There is one close though. The bank is real, so I won't mention the name of it, but it does not have the phone number that is listed on the check. The number listed on the check has been linked with a scam before but with a different bank. The phone number that is listed on the letter is out of the Toronto area. All of this information was found on the internet with just a little bit of looking. Within five minutes I had found out that this was only a scam to get money that my husband works hard for. These people are too lazy to get out and work at a legal job. They would rather steal your money.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this is out there again. According to the BBB, they get calls everyday from people that have either gotten one of these letters, or fallen for them. I just don't want you to be one of those that have been ripped off.

I hope you have a great day and God Bless.