Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Wonderful Truths About Obama

I realize there are a lot of people out there that think Obama is the perfect man for the job of president, but let me show you a few things about him.

First thing, in Missouri, prosecutors and sheriffs have banded together to "respond immediately to any ads and statements that might violate Missouri ethics laws". On this link is a transcript of a news report on KMOW in St Louis of some prosecutors about this very thing. Now I will be the first to admit, they don't come out and say that they will prosecute anyone who violates these laws, but my question is, what will there response be? But in my opinion, you might want to watch what you say if you visit Missouri before the election! Here is a copy of the transcript in case you don't want to visit that site:
"John Mills, reporter: Russell, good evening. Prosecutors and sheriffs from across Missouri are joining something called the "Barack Obama Truth Squad." Two high-profile prosecutors are part of the team. We met them this afternoon in the Central West this afternoon. They are Jennifer Joyce of the city (and) Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney. They will be reminding voters that Barack Obama is a Christian, who wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year. They also say they plan to respond immediately to any ads and statements that might violate Missouri ethics laws.
Jennifer Joyce: We want to keep this campaign focused on issues. We don't want people to get distracted, and Missourians don't want to be distracted, by these divisive character attacks. So we're here to respond to any character attacks, to set the record straight.
Bob McCulloch: Whether it is directly attributable to the campaign, or to one of the soft-money operations, if they're not going to tell the truth, then somebody's got to step up and say "Wait a minute, that's not true. This is the truth."
Mills: Now the Obama campaign tells News 4 that others, prosecutors and sheriffs, are also part of the team, including some from the Kansas City area, and from rural parts of Missouri. We're also told the truth squad is expected to include Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyle. Live in Maplewood John Mills, News 4. According to ACORN, Obama trained its Chicago members in leadership seminars; in turn, ACORN volunteers worked on his campaigns.
" It does sound like Obama wants change, but will the change be in the best interest of the US or will it be in the best interest of him and the people he supports, which in my opinion doesn't sound like it's the average American people.

Second, The ACORN and Obama:
I had never heard of the ACORN Group until I received an email telling me about it. I have a hard time believing just anything I receive in my email basket and I have to check it out to make sure it's not just someone trying to make me believe as they do. If you want to check out Obama and his ties to ACORN, just do a search with those two words. There are all kinds of links showing this.

Obama has been part of this organization for years, working with ACORN as a “community organizer” and legal representative. According to ACORN, Obama trained its Chicago members in leadership seminars; in turn, ACORN volunteers worked on his campaigns.

For those of you, like me originally, who have no idea who and what ACORN is, let me tell you. ACORN stands for "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now". Acorn’s new goals are municipal “living wage” laws targeting “big-box” stores like Wal-Mart, rolling back welfare reform, and regulating banks — efforts styled as combating “predatory lending. This organization is very anti-capitalism. They are big on trying to get housing loans for illegal immigrants who have no discernible income, in other words, they wages are under the table and completely nontaxable. They have also been brought up on charges for voter registration several times and are under investigation for this very offense again.

While the two examples above have me very worried if Obama makes it to the White House are bad enough, here is the icing on the cake. "The Great American Guilt Trip", an report on CBS News last night, shows how the Obama campaign are getting grandchildren to visit grandparents to push for Obama. "If they vote for Barack Obama, they're going to get another visit this year," Sarah Silverman says in the online video. "If not, just hope they stay healthy until next year."

Is this the man we want for president? Do we want someone who will allow this kind of endorsements? Only visit your grandparents IF they vote for Obama? I may not be a grandparent, but this really makes me mad. Talk about emotional blackmail!

Now you can form your own opinion about these subjects, that is the American way. But I hope you honestly think about this. Yes, this is a very important election for America. If you don't like Obama or McCain, vote "None of the Above". It's not like this is a new concept. It's been done before. But vote on what is best for us, not what you feel pressured to vote for. Right this minute, I don't know who I will vote for but I do know it won't be Barrack Obama no matter what anyone says. I have done enough research on him to know that he is not the best interest for America!

God Bless and have a great day.