Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Update on Crafts

I've got the pillow done, now all I have to do is get a picture of it on here. I'm going to try to do that tomorrow. I also have 99.99% of all the supplies I need to do the other items I would like to put on here. Just wait until you see some of the items that will be sold on this site. I think you will be trilled with them as well as the price.

Now let me tell you about my weekend. We took the boys to a carnival that was in town. I wish you could have seen them. They had so much fun. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the boys or my husband and I. These boys aren't scared of anything. They got on rides I won't get on and when they got off couldn't wait to do the ride again. Even my 3 year old wasn't bothered by these rides. You have to understand, I won't get on a ferris wheel for anything. Ask my husband about the one and only time he talked me into riding one when we first got married. He decided then and there that he would never make that mistake again.

I'm going to go for now. I really need to work on these craft items some more. I hope you have a blessed day.