Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Wrote my first children's book

I know it may not sound like too much to anyone else, but the Lord gave me an idea for a children's book and I just had to get it on paper. I've learned if I get an idea right before I go to sleep, if I don't write it down, I won't remember it come the morning. I really want to tell you about it, but I wan't to see about getting it published first. Once I get everything underway, I'll be sure to keep you informed on my progress. By the way, I got it finished last night as well. Now I'm trying to get it in manuscript form. Sometimes I really hate typing, but it's something I have to do.

Now on to other things. I had to take Marcus to the doctor today. He had a bad ear infection, which I told the doctor and nurses before they even looked at him. I'm sure I'm nto the only parent to be able to do this, but I spend most of my time with him and know him better than anyone else.

You can tell it's been a pretty boring week. Nothing interesting has happened, except that my in-laws had to go to South Carolina to pick up my stepson. His truck caught on fire while he was visiting some of his friends. Thank God, the damage to the truck isn't as bad as it could have been. As of right now, it looks like a few hoses and belts and the truck should be as good as can be expected. The only thing was that they had two cellphones on them and both of them had the battery run down on them and they couldn't contact us to let us know what was going on. My husband and his aunt were driving me crazy calling all the time to see if I had heard anything. You have to realize, my in-laws don't go anywhere without contacting us at least once a day. The same goes for us when we go on vacation. It's nice to be loved so much!!!

Anyway, I'm going to go for now. I really need to get some sleep. Marcus keep me up most of the night with an ear ache.

I pray that God watches over you and your family always.