Friday, March 26, 2004

Have you ever found a great site and just couldn't wait to share?

I found this great forum. They are some of the nicest people there. They really care about you. Have a worry? Post it. There are sure to be someone that will help you through it. Just need to vent, you can do that there as well. It's really a great place. These people make me feel welcome. The place is Beware though this place can be addictive.

Now on to the program. I'm looking for contacts at children's hospitals to set up this program with. Do you happen to know of anyone that would be willing to let me send these coloring pages to them for the children? It does not cost the hospitals anything. I handle all of the cost. All they have to do is pass them out to the children when they come in. If you do know anyone, please email me at I would welcome any help you can give me in this area!

Also, I should be getting a new picture of my nephew soon, so check back. As soon as sis sends it to me, I'll put it here for everyone to see.

God's blessings to everyone.

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