Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Email trouble

I am about to go nuts. The email account that goes with this page is driving me crazy right now. For some reason it got change and I have no idea why. I've now got it to where I can check it now but have no idea how to change the password to something that I want. But I'm working on that. The company that does the support for this has been very helpful and patient with me and is trying to find the problem.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know what has been going on here. Not a thing. Truthfully. Jimmy, my husband got laid off for a week but he'll be going back to work Monday. He's just too good at what he does to know how to do a slow job just to kill time so he could have a check this week. Just so you know, he's in construction and considering how long he's been doing this kind of work, I'm not really suprised. He was taught how to do this by his family. So he learned the old way, the right way. He believe that a job should be done correct the first time.

Why don't we see this attitude more? Anyway, things will be back to normal soon, at least as back to normal as things can be around this house.

I hope things are going great for you. God bless you.

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