Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I have some good news I just had to share

Thanks to everyone who has helped Pages for Children, I am one step closer to making it non-profit. All I need now is almost $600. Thanks to God intervening, I found a lawyer that is willing to work with me on this. He has decided to take a cut from his normal fee to help.

It's funny the way we met. I was walking into a store one day while it was raining and offered to share my umbrella. Once we got inside we started talking, so I gave him a card for my new business, Prints by Olivia. Come to find out, he's a business attorney. I just talked to him yesterday. If all goes well, this time next month, Pages for Children will be Pages for Children, Inc. non-profit. Isn't it great?!!!!

To top off my day, I talked to one of the principals in my area and she is willing to let me use Prints by Olivia as a fund raiser for the school. I think what she really liked was the fact that there are no catalogs to send out. All she has to do is send letters home to the parents and let them know if they by products off my site the school will raise money. She has also said she will place a link on their site.

Yesterday has been a great day for me and I just had to share the good news with you. I'll keep you informed of when things are finalized.

I hope you have a great day and may God be with you always.

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