Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Has God spoke to you today?

How can people say that there is no God, when he speaks to us every day? I'm not talking about words our ears can understand. I'm talking about how the birds sound first thing in the morning, or the sound of our children playing and having fun. That is how God speaks to me sometimes. I was sitting in the living room this morning enjoying the quiet of the house when I heard some geese. It was so beautiful, so calming. It was my daily reminder that God is alive and watching over me. It was my reminder that I should be thankful for this day He gave me. He never promised me tomorrow, I've heard that saying all my life, and I believe it. We all make plans for the future, I do that also. Why can't we live for today and still make plans for tomorrow as well? Our life on this earth is too short to waste thinking and worrying about things we can't control.

I worry about my children and the way this world is heading. What will they have to face as they grow older? Am I teaching them the things they need to know to live right? Am I giving them values that will last all their lives? These are the things I worry about most. Then I realize that all I can do is my best for them and pray it's enough. I try to show them God's love for them. I try to show them how much they are loved by me and my husband. I correct them when they do wrong and praise them when they do right. I try to teach them responsiblity. I try to teach them manners. That's about all I can do, that and pray for God to watch over them. I can't live their lives for them or make their decisions for them. They have to make their own mistakes and live with the consequences, even though everything in me wants to help and make it better.

I didn't mean to get so whatever I was today. Sometimes I get like this. I get to thinking about what all God has done for me and I have to let everyone know how thankful I am. Today is one of those days. I'm thankful for the fact that there is a God that is there watching over me and my family. I'm thankful for the children he's given me to teach and watch grow. I'm thankful for so many things that if I tried to write each one down in a list, it would fill more pages than the entire internet would have room for.

I pray that God blesses you and your family and sincerely hope you have a great day!

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Dave Seipp said...

Hi, I'm doing some kiddy styled drawings for my daughter that you can use on your site if you want, looked all over for an email address, could find one, let me know if you are interested