Sunday, November 21, 2004

Things like this aggrevate me!!!

I don't know if this really happened or not, so because of that I'll keep the names out of this post.

Here is a copy of the email. I went through and took out all of the things that will tell you about who, where, and why. After you read this, I'll tell you why this makes me so mad.

My name is XXX. I wrote to XXX (on-line) concerning a program called "XXX XXXXXXXX." In last week's episode, one of the lawyer's mothers decided she is gay and wanted her son to go to court and help her get a marriage license so she could marry her 'partner.' I sent the following letter to XXX yesterday and really did not expect a reply, but I did get one.

My original message was:

XXX is obsessed (or should I say abscessed) with the subject of homosexuality. I will no longer watch any of your attempts to convince the world that homosexuality is OK. XXX XXXXXXXX can be a fairly good show, but last night's program was so typical of your agenda. You picked the 'dufus' of the office to be the one who was against the idea of his mother being gay and made him look like a whiner because he had convictions. This type of mentality calls people like me a "gay basher." Read the first chapter of Romans (that's in the Bible) and see what the apostle Paul had to say about it.... He, God and Jesus were all 'gaybashers'. What if she'd fallen in love with her cocker spaniel? Is that an alternative lifestyle? (By the way, the Bible speaks against that, too.)

Here is XXX's reply from the XXX on-line webmaster:

How about getting your nose out of the Bible (which is ONLY a book of stories compiled by MANY different writers hundreds of years ago) and read the declaration of independence (what our nation is built on), where it says "All Men are Created equal," and try treating them that way for a change! Or better yet, try thinking for yourself and stop using an archaic book of stories as your lame crutch for your existence. You are in minority in this country and your boycott will not affect us or our freedom of statement..
This person's second response to XXX:

Thanks for your reply. From your harsh reply, evidently I hit a nerve. I will share it with all with whom I come in contact. Hopefully, the Arkansas Democrat Newspaper will include it in one of their columns and I will be praying for you.

Note: Wouldn't Satan just love it if people stopped using the Bible for a crutch? Please resend this to everyone in your mailbox.

Now to why this makes me so angry!!!

I get so mad over the fact that Christians aren't allowed to express our thoughts and feelings without people thinking that we hate the people we are talking about. You have to understand that it's not the people. A true christian is supposed to love everyone!!! It's the actions that we have such a hard time with. There are several referrences in the bible that show that it's wrong to have this kind of relationship with someone of the same gender, (both the old and new testament state this). I've had a lot of friends of this nature and I've never once made them feel that I hate them for the way they live, but I've always thought enough of them to let them know that I don't agree with it.

I applaud the fact that some people have such stronge convictions and are willing to fight for them, just don't get mad at me because I don't agree with them. Why is it that Christians aren't allowed to express our feelings about a subject without it being taken wrong? I understand that some take it to extremes, but so does the other side. As Christ loved everyone, as a Christian, we should as well. He never made anyone feel inferior for the way they lived their lives, but he never changed the way he thought about it either. He wasn't worried if it offended anyone, and yet as a nation that seems to be all we do care about. The people that think that being a gay or lesbian have strong convictions about this subject, yet they get very mad if someone disagrees with them and states that fact. I was raised under the impression that as an American, I have that right. I don't have to agree, but I also don't have to make someone feel inferior to me because we don't agree on a subject, and that's something I pray I never do!!! Just because I am a Christian doesn't mean that I have the right to judge someone, all I can do is let them know that I don't agree. I won't force them to agree with me. Yet some people feel that they have the right to make me agree with them. Why is that? Am I supposed to change the way I feel just because it may offend someone? I can't do that.

I realize that because of this post, I may get some hate email. I guess that goes with the teritory. It won't change my mind, and to the ones that sends them, I will pray for you. But that is the extent of what I will do. I won't hate you and nothing you can say will make me do that. That wouldn't be Christ like, and as a Christian, that is the main thing I have to do.

God bless.

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