Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Just Rambling

I'm watching my ebay items that go off sale today and figured that I'd come here for a little while.

I realize I just put August's picture up and just mailed the one for September, but I always try to look ahead to what I want to send the children. I'm a terrible artist. If I try to draw a straight line, I can guarantee it will come out crooked. My 8 year old son can draw better than I can. I wish I were joking but I'm not. He's really good and seems to enjoy it. I'm glad though. I want to encourage him in stuff like this. I'll probably be asking him for pictures to send to the kids. I bet he'll get a kick out of that. He really likes the fact that I do this. He's all the time trying to come up with ways to help children that need it. One day he decided to have a yard sale so he could buy some toys to take to the hospital here in town. He never did though because I couldn't get him to go through his stuff to see what he wanted to get rid of. Oh well, he's only 8. I've got to teach him to follow through on his actions, and I will. He's really a good boy. Actually both of my boys are good boys. One is just a little active, make that a lot active. But that's okay, I wouldn't have him any other way.

It's amazing how different two boys can be. Devin, my oldest is usually quiet. Marcus, he's just the opposite. I know I fuss about them sometimes, most especially when I don't get any time away from them, but I wouldn't know what to do without them in my life.

Anyway, if you want to donate some drawings for this, please feel free to do so. I can't pay you for it, but I'll be glad to put your name on my site by the picture. Just email me and you can either do it as an attachment or mail them to me. I've got a scanner and can scan them onto my computer.

Thanks for coming here and reading my ramblings. I really like that.

God bless you always.

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