Monday, March 29, 2004

Beware, Security Issue

I don't usually talk about this on my journal, but I wanted today. I've been getting a lot of emails with viruses in them. Luckily I don't open them until I can scan it with my anti-virus program. I want to warn everyone about this. If you get an email with an attachment from someone you don't know, please don't open it until you have scanned it. One of the best anti-virus programs I've found is AVG. It is a free program that doesn't tie your ram up while it's trying to run.

Here are a few tips to remember,
1. Microsoft will never, ever send you an email telling you you need to download an update. If you get one of these, please disregard it because it will more than likely have a virus or worm in it.

2. Watch emails from your internet provider. While the people that sends these can make them look real, if you get one I would suggest that you call your provider just to make sure they really did send it before you open it. I got one that looked legit and because I called just to make sure, I kept a worm out of my machine. This one had a link to follow. Of all things, it was wanting me to download an anti-virus program. I promise, your provider will not mind the call and will probably congratulate you for being so intelligent. They understand that you are being cautious. I've also gotten some that look like they come from a site I visit, only to find out that it is a virus. If you don't want to do some of the things I've suggested earlier, save the attachment to a folder that can be found easily, and scan the file with your anti-virus program.

I know this is covered all over the place, but some things just can't be repeated enough. I keep hearing about people getting viruses because they opened an attachment that had one in there. You need to watch that.

Anyway, that is all I wanted to say today. I hope you have a great week.

God's blessings.

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