Monday, February 09, 2004

Computer problems or husband problems, which are worse?

I know no one ever has computer problems except me. At least it seems that way. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I've just built myself a new computer system. It's faster and will be better in the long run. But, and here comes the big thing, I'm still so new to this that it drives me crazy sometimes. I've got a 1.2 Ghz cpu but for some reason can't get it to read above a 900Mhz. I don't know why, spent the better part of today "talking" to the guy that sold it to me to try to find out why, only to have the thing crash on me. Had a great time reinstalling windows. This guy lives in Michigan, so it isn't as if he can just come over and figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've already decided that for now I'll settle for the 900 and as soon as I can get it to someone who knows more that I do, I'll let that person fix it. I don't want to go through that again. Next time, with my luck, I'll have a great warehouse of spare parts just sitting here taking up space. That wouldn't be so bad if I had not already promised my boys that they could have my old computer. I mean truthfully, how would it be if I walked up to them and said, "Hey guys I know I promised but mom made a huge mistake. Now I have to go back on my word and take the computer back." Talk about feeling like a heel!

Have you ever noticed just how observent people can be? I colored my hair Wednesday, and no one has even noticed. I had the box sitting in the bathroom for 2 days before I used it. You'd think that my husband would at least notice that it was gone and figure it out on his own, but nooo. I had to tell him. True it's only a shade or two darker that what I had, but it's even now. I don't have two tone hair anymore. Why is it the wife's are supposed to notice every little thing that is going on around the house and something could be sitting under the husband's nose and he wouldn't see it?

Example: One time my husband was looking for the dog and couldn't find him. He never even gets up off the couch to look, just asked me. Guess where the dog was, right beside him. The one good thing about that episode, I have witnesses that I happened. We had company that night. None of us have let him live that one down and that was almost 8 years ago. The only thing is that he hasn't changed since then, he still can't find anything on his own.

Oh well, I still love him though. I would stay here and fuss about him more, but I don't have a week to spend doing this. I'll put more about him later. The thing is though, if you ever met him, you would probably like him. He's a great guy, he must be, he puts up with me.

I hate to do it, but I need to go. I need to get some sleep, I've got a dentist's appointment later today.

Remember you are always in my prayers.

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